Message From The Board of Directors

As of February 2017, three homeless vets are now safe and warm in the Garry Owen House…

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The Garry Owen House is temporarily operating a six person shelter at 163 Augusta Road, Searsmont Maine. Grand Opening was on Friday December 23d 2016.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Garry Owen House is to provide a transitional shelter where homeless veterans can find hope for the future through a fellowship with other veterans dedicated to help them link up with the opportunities they have earned in the service to our country in an atmosphere of safety, dignity and respect.

The Garry Owen House is a 501 C3 non-profit organization.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to provide temporary housing for homeless veterans in a safe, comfortable, supportive environment that facilitates transition from a life of insecurity, dependency and social isolation. This has been accomplished through the establishment of a facility that fosters a combination of privacy and social interaction with fellow veterans and the community.

Facility Goals

The facility is located in a small, rural community, which is key to providing a peaceful, non-threatening and non-stressful place that facilitates re-adaptation to the realities of life. The environment is conducive to participating in recreational and vocational activities such as gardening and small scale agricultural projects. The facility accommodates outside support services that can be provided to each veteran privately or in groups.

Board of Directors

Dana Philippi, President
Donald Harriman, Vice President
Heather Carle, Treasurer
                                            Neil Polis, Sargent at arms                                                                                                           Warren Ard                                                                                                                       Gene Kelly                                                                                                                           Lou Pellitier                                                                                                                      Dennis Urick                                                              Luther Thornton
Alex Allmayer-Beck , Directer of Admin.

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