Message From The Board Of Directors

February 2017

The Garry Owen House is an attempt to provide homeless veterans with a path to a self-sustaining life. Unlike traditional shelters, this TRANSITIONAL SHELTER endeavors to assist the veteran by providing a support network of dedicated professional and non-professional volunteers who will manage the process of re-entry into a normal life. Once a vet is accepted into the shelter, a thorough assessment of his/her situation will be conducted by a professional social worker to determine what support is necessary. The immediate goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment in which to vet can concentrate on actions necessary for their path to self-sufficiency. The house will provide transportation to various agencies that can assist the vet, such as Togus Veterans Hospital, local AA chapters, job centers and vocational training. In addition, a mentor will be assigned to help guide the vet along the path of “recovery”, providing friendship, camaraderie and social interaction to facilitate integration into society.

The Board of Directors will conduct fund-raising activities to support the house, coordinate with local companies for employment of the vet, seek public support thru donations of food, clothing and personal items, in order to reduce the overhead of the facility.

The construction of this transitional shelter is a huge undertaking and it has been necessary to operate a temporary facility until the final one can be constructed. We have been able to lease a building at minimum cost to navigate this interim period. With help of local contractors, volunteers, and donated supplies, the interim shelter is now operational in Searsmont Maine. It consist of a manager’s quarters and enough capacity to house six vets. Volunteers from the community have provided furniture, bedding and other household goods necessary to operate the facility. Hannaford grocery stores have agreed to establish an account and provide supplies as necessary.

We seek organizations, companies and concerned citizens to partner with us in this endeavor and provide whatever is necessary to get our veterans the care and support they deserve. See donation page.

Transition Process

The Garry Owen House is temporarily operating a six person shelter at 163 Belfast Augusta Road, Searsmont, Maine.

Garry Owen House Temporary Facility